Interview with Michael Rainey-Wiles

Name: Michael A Rainey-Wiles
Division: Bodybuilding
Age: 29
Height: 5'7

Q: Offseason weight, contest weight, & birthplace?
A: I've never had a true offseason due to inconsistencies when life hits me, but for the past couple of years I've walked around about 200-210lbs during the "offseason". The last time I competed I was a welter weight weighing 176lbs. This year I'll probably end up as a light heavy. I was Born in Los Angeles, CA, but I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and it's pretty much all I know.  

Q: How did you learn about Kodiak Bodybuilding Apparel?
A: I learned about Kodiak Bodybuilding Apparel just by following a few mutual Instagram profiles and seeing them wear the apparel. 

Q: What is it that you like about the brand?
A: What I love about the brand is it seems genuine! It's not based around a bunch of "gym bros" using the typical social media "bad ass" phrases like "kill it" or "savage mode". It's base around guys who actually work hard with passion without having to flaunt their hard work or seeking approval from anyone. Plus the logos are very cool! 

Q: Contest History?
A: 2013 NPC Natural Eastern USA Championships (1st place Novice Men's Bodybuilding Lightweight and Overall Winner, 1st place Men's Bodybuilding Welterweight Class)

2013 OCB Natural Pittsburgh Championships (1st Place Men's Bodybuilding Short Class)

2013 OCB Natural Steel City (1st place Men's Open Bodybuilding Class A and Overall winner obtaining my IFPA Pro Card)

2014 NPC Pittsburgh Championships (1st place Closed Men's Bodybuilding Welterweight Class, 1st place Open Men's Bodybuilding Welterweight class)

2015 NPC Junior Nationals (11th place Men's Bodybuilding Middleweight Class) 

Q: Was there ever a time you considered competing in other divisons? (ie; physique, classic physique)
A: No. I've always wanted to compete as a bodybuilder and I don't want it any other way. 

Q: How were you introduced to the weights?
A: I was an athlete all of my life and always undersized which led me to the weight room in high school. 

Q: What's your favorite thing about the sport of bodybuilding?
A: What I love about bodybuilding is the individuality of it. No one bodybuilder is the same, physically, mentally, or spiritually. There are many different aspects of the sport which makes it very interesting when you start diving into nutrition and training. Being able to share these things with others and test one another's idea is always fun, but making bodybuilding your own thing is one of the best parts. 

Q: What's your least favorite thing about the sport?
A: What I don't like about bodybuilding is the general public's view of the sport. 

Q: What would you ultimately like to accomplish? In both bodybuilding and life.
A: I'd love to become a professional bodybuilder and live that lifestyle if it even exists anymore. I just want to be successful in whatever I do in life whether it be big or small. Being able to do what I enjoy the most no matter what material gain I receive would be great!

Q: Are there any athletes that inspired you early on or that you still admire today?
A: Bruce Lee was my first inspiration and now that I think about it I can make an argument that he too was a bodybuilder. 

Q: What is your opinion on the current state of the sport? And do you think it has improved or degraded over the years?
A: I love the sport now just as much as I did when I first discovered it. I believe it is growing and has improved, but just like anything else it was some cons as well. The pros definitely outweigh the cons. 

Q: How does your offseason training differ from your precontest regiment?
A: I don't train any differently when it comes to those two aspects. 

Q: Favorite cheat food?
A: I'm what most call a "foodie" and since getting involved in the sport my horizons have widened when it comes to food. I just love food in general. If I have to choose I'd say my favorite cheat food with be some sort of pastry or baked good like donuts, brownies, and cookies. 

Q: Aside from training, what other interests or activites do you partake in?
A: I like finding new food spots in the Pittsburgh area. Most things I enjoy usually involve food: Festivals, family cookouts and barbecues. I'm a pretty low key person, so as long as I am surrounded by great people and food I don't care what I am doing. I do enjoy amusement parks and adrenaline rushes. I'd also love to travel one day. 

Q: What motivates you?
A: I motivate myself knowing that I have the potential to do things others may not have the opportunity to.  

Q: What is best in life?
A: Love in all aspects is the best thing one person may have in life whether it be with a spouse, within a hobby, or anything else you can thing of.