Chris Frasier

Name: Chris Frasier
Birthplace: Gloversville, NY
Age: 35
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 198 (contest), 140 (offseason)

Q: How did you learn about Kodiak Bodybuilding Apparel and what is it that you like about the brand?
A: I first learned of Kodiak Bodybuilding Apparel through Instagram. Man the shirt designs are just badass! Who doesn’t want to rock a tee that says American Savage!?! And not to mention they fit the non average body well (laughs). I’m more drawn to a product that I see amateur athletes wearing and representing than I am seeing established pros getting paid to wear. That’s real to me!

Q: Contest History?
A: My first Bodybuilding show ever was in August 2015 at the Europa in Atlantic City , NJ. Looking back now I didn’t even belong on stage yet, but we all start somewhere! Then I competed in the NPC Grand Prix in Poughkeepsie, NY and the NPC show in Syracuse, NY that October all as a soft looking light heavyweight (laughs). I took some time off after that and just lived life a time , wife, kids, all the good stuff.

July 2017 I got back on stage as a shredded middle weight in a New Jersey NPC show where I won both the novice and open middleweight classes. That’s when I started working with IFBB pro Chris Tuttle as my coach. Last year in 2018 I hit 3 NPC shows in October. Conneticut, New Jersey, and Poughkeepsie and got 2nd place at all three shows.
This year (2019) I competed in the NPC Universe taking 6th in Masters 35+ LHW and 4th in Classic Masters 35+. That was a tough one seeing how I was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis around 8 weeks out.
Then I made the decision about 5 weeks out from North Americans to sign up and compete in Masters Classic , 35+ LHW and open LHW. Placing about middle of the pack in each of the three classes. I have to say there is some Amazing physiques at that level of a show!

Q: That's very impressive you pushed forward despite ulcerative colitis. How did you manage to do so and what kind of changes did you have to make to your prep in order to accomodate and overcome the circumstances?

Q: Was there ever a time you competed in any other weight training related sport?
A: I started as a powerlifter before I ever got into bodybuilding. I’ve won several powerlifting competitions in both raw and geared lifting, including the Slingshot challenge at the Arnold Classic.

Q: A lot of people get into training because of a family member such as an uncle or father or older brother who's into training. How were you introduced to the weights? And how did you get started in bodybuilding?
A: I have absolutely no bodybuilding history in my family. Hell I don’t even know if any of my family members have ever even been to a gym. (laughs). I’m the black sheep.
I never touched a weight in my life until around 27 years old. I started working for the local highway department at the age of 24. Seeing my self get out of shape (fat) quickly with the way “Town Workers” eat and the slow paced work environment, I went and got a local gym membership. From there I saw myself getting stronger and some guys asked me to join a local powerlifting group. Of course with my addictive personality I was hooked. As I got bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger, I wanted to see my abs for once in my life (laughs). So I pulled a bunch of calories, started was probably a crash diet but I got my weight down to 180 lbs with visible abs!
At the next powerlifting competition I had this older guy who was a bodybuiler approach me and ask if I was interested in bodybuilding. I said "Why not?" He wrote me a diet and training regimen and from there I went to work. From that day forward I’ve been hooked.

Q: What things do you like and dislike about both bodybuilding and powerlifting?
A: I love the fact that results solely rely on what we ourselves put into it. There’s not another team member to carry your ass through. It’s all on YOU! And the amazing things we can do with our bodies in both bodybuilding and powerlifting . From different training techniques to the different foods and diets, it all still amazes me to this day!
And the people in both sports are awesome. Ummm...maybe a bit more friendly in powerlifting (laughs). The diet's way more people friendly. But once the show's over and diets aren’t as strict bodybuilders are some straight forward cool ass dudes!
What I dont like is the way people compare themselves to others. That shit just ruins people! And the asshole companies out there that only care about money. There's a lot of scams in the bodybuilding industry!

Q: What is your opinion on the current state of the sport? And do you think it has improved or degraded over the years?
A: I love the current state of bodybuilding. I like seeing mass monsters. Yes, the classic look is pleasing. But hey, that’s why we have classic physique now. Let bodybuilding be some huge ass dudes with freakish physiques!! As long as the stomachs aren’t blown out. To me it’s all definitely improved.

Q: Did you ever have a moment (whether it be with training, diet, posing, etc) where everything just started to click?
A: Oh hell yes ! Last year after my three shows in October. Post show rebound never stopped. I just kept growing and growing with no plateau. And kept my appetite the entire time. And I believe appetite is everything in this sport. Right with digestion!

Q: While we're on appetite, do you have a favorite cheat meal?
A: BLUEBERRY PANCAKES! With blueberry jam on them. No syrup! I’d choose them every time!

Q: How does your offseason training differ from your precontest regiment?
A: Typically my off season and my prep are similar. Same foods (just less or more), same heavy ass training. Cardio stays 5 days a week in both. Just lesser time in off season. And the supplementation is a bit different.

Q: Aside from training, what other interests or activites do you partake in?
A: I grew up hunting and fishing and still to this day I spend a lot of time either in the woods or on the water. That’s my secret to muscle building; VENISON!!

Q: Are there any athletes that you looked up to early on or that you still admire today?
A: Branch Warren man!! He’s just an all out bad ass motherfucker and trains like no other. Pure work horse and 100% inspiration!

Q: What about outside of bodybuilding? Who inpires you?
A: Kids that go through sickness and cancer at an early age. Makes me think a lot of grown ass adults are whining about aches and pains or going to work. But these young ones are fighting for there lives with smiles on there faces!

Q: What would you ultimately like to accomplish? In both bodybuilding and life.
A: In life I just want to continue being a great husband and father. Make sure my bills are paid and my family is well taken care of and HAPPY!
In bodybuilding, I just want to be MY best. Pro card or not I just want to keep beating the previous me. Yes, it’d be nice to turn pro and step on the 212 stage with those monsters. But I wouldn’t even want that until my physique is ready.

Q: What motivates you?
A: Getting out of bed every morning and knowing I have the control to make today better than yesterday! That’s the only daily motivation I’ll ever need!

Q: What is best in life?
A: Small things. Family time. A walk, coffee and a movie with my wife! A little backyard BBQ at my parents house. Material shit doesn’t matter. Time with people you care for and who care for you are what make life worth living.