Some positivity for you all.

The day is ending and there is still work that needs to be done. But I took a break this evening to enjoy a cigar before getting back to my tasks. I put my phone away and took in the views and sounds around me.

As the minutes went by and I admired the setting sun, the still clouds, and the magnitude of colors that lit up the sky, I couldn't help but take in a powerful message and feeling of enlightment.

We as a people are currently at each other's throats over every issue imaginable whether it be related to race, politics, or personal beliefs. It has become so much a part of our culture that we fail to see how bad it has become.

We are suffering from a plague far greater than a virus. We have been infected by a very real plague of negative energy. It will consume the strongest of people and I am no exception.

It has been my belief for many years that the highest level of energy is love. In a world run by forces who want us divided, it takes effort, sometimes great effort, to stay on that wavelength.

It is also my belief that God is love. God is no man, woman, or physical being, but is the greatest energy of all which is love. That's my belief and if you believe otherwise I'm cool with that.

I accept that there are people I will never get along with. But it is critical we appreciate the good in our lives and appreciate the people in it. Show appreciation. Encourage others. Help those who need help. When you admire the actions or attitude of another, let it be known to them. The energy will grow, spread, and it will eventually come back to you. Sometimes tenfold.

Realize when you've fallen off the wavelength and take the time neccessary to get back on it.

-Chris Cirillo